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Bar Castillejar [Cas - tee - acher] is named after the small town of Castillejar in Andalusia, Spain.

At 766 metres above sea level, the stunning little village of Castillejar is one of the six Andalusian hamlets that make up the region of Huescar in the north east corner of the Province of Granada. With a population of around 2,000, this idyllic haven is tucked away and yet easily accessible at just 15 minutes off the A-92 Mediterranean autovía (motorway). It is some 120 kilometres from Granada City and just 15 kilometres from the main town of Huescar.

This beautiful region of contrasts is one of the prettiest and least spoilt areas in Andalusia and is well worth a visit. Castillejar was a fortress against invasion from Murcia in Moorish times gone by and still shows distinct links with its historic past. Sitting between the two rivers Guardal and Barbatas, this enclave has, over the centuries, been witness to the passing of important historic settlers of many different cultures of the Iberian Peninsula.


Nowadays it is the perfect stopping off point for visitors to the nearby Natural Parks of Castril Sierra and Cazorla. Other points of natural beauty and interest in the vicinity are the lakes of Negratín and San Clemente, the archaeological route, Baza Natural Park and lots more.

As with the other villages in and around this area, there is a continued tradition for building and living in cave houses. With all the mod cons of modern living and the added advantage of a constant all-year-round inside temperature of between 18ºC and 20ºC, the cave dwellings are as practical as they are pretty. Although the village has traditionally been an agricultural and farming community, there is now a keen focus on rural tourism.

Temperatures can be extreme and very different from the typical Costa del Sol climate. Be prepared for hot dry summers and cold winters, with snow on the surrounding mountains.

The opportunities for outdoor activities such as walking, hiking, climbing, mountain biking, horse riding, canoeing, fishing, etc are endless in the area all around this and the other villages of the region. The contrast in the surrounding countryside from desert to lush green valleys is a paradise for the keen photographer or artist. This is especially true in spring and autumn. The abundance of flora and fauna is always full of surprises.

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